They are here. We are very happy to present the new update in the Statistics section 


From our main panel you can go to the TEAM STATS window

, where you can view all the stats, both for MATCHES and TRAINING. Here you can analyse all the data of your players, sorting them from the highest number of minutes to the lowest or vice versa. Each item that appears can be sorted as you like.


From here we can access to the PLAYER STATISTICS control, where we can check all the registered data of match (league, friendly, goals, minutes ….) or training (injured, training, on leave ….) of the selected player.


And finally you can access the MATCH STATISTICS, where you can analyse every single match registered in goTeam!





Soon, we will have more news, because from goTeam! we do not stop updating, all this data will be exportable to your excel or csv. So each of you will be able to treat the data the way you want.

Stay tuned for updates to our application. ENJOY GOTEAM! SPORTS