periodo transitorio en fútbol

The 3 phases of the transitional period in football

How to train during the transitional period in football?

Today we are going to give some recommendations for the transitional period, which is the one that runs from the end of one season to the begin of the next.

This period is very important for the football player. It means a break for him, both physically and mentally. A season for a footballer can be usually intense and demanding, so a short period of disconnection from this sport is necessary. Good management in the transitional period can help the player to recover the levels of strength and endurance necessary to reach the start of the season in an optimal condition, so that he performs better and can train with all guarantees. Therefore, it is essential to rest, practice alternative sports and carry out a specific training plan.

Taking this into account, we recommend to approach the period between both seasons in 3 different phases.

Phase 1: Total rest.

The first phase will be total rest and will last for 15 days (2 weeks).

Players must switch off from their main sport, so it is recommended not to play football at all. At least for a time, the player is intended to completely disconnect and eliminate competitive stress. Some people say that a total rest is counterproductive, but these 15 days of disconnection can be very beneficial to eliminate competitive fatigue.

It would even be recommended for the player to take a holiday at this time.

Phase 2: Alternative sports.

In this second phase, lasting another 15 days, we recommend to practice alternative sports. These two weeks will be for adaptation, and the players will be able to practice other disciplines such as paddle tennis, tennis, cycling, hiking… That allow them to activate again. However, the player must avoid the practice of risky sports that may cause injury.


Phase 3: Adjustment microcycles.

In the last phase before returning to the pitch, we recommend to carry out an adjustment microcycles.

In this previous period, the player is going to follow a specific training plan to work on general strength, endurance, aerobic capacity… Therefore, he must combine specific work with other alternatives.

Exercises toimprove the mobility can also be performed at this stage.

On goTeam! Sports we have a database of individual exercises that can be selected into different training sessions, and will allow footballers to physically prepare for the start of the new season.

Here are some examples of training sessions that could be suitable in this last stage of the period:

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